AboutSonoma Custom Millwork Inc.

Sonoma Custom Millwork Inc. was established in 2011 in the area of creating the finest Architectural Millwork and Metalwork. We started with some of the leading industry professionals with a collective experience of over 50 years.

Sonoma Custom Millwork is a detail oriented Millwork company that works with many materials including Wood, Metal, Glass, Fabric, Stone and Leather. This gives us the ability to create some of the most impressive products that satisfy our clients. Our team is a small but dedicated crew that treats each project with the care and attention if requires.

We exclusively work with clients that require custom manufacturing and not mass manufacturing. Almost all of our products are unique and “one-of”, as a results we attract some of the biggest names and brands that want to share a personal vision of their organization with the world. We have worked with some of the most popular brands including Christian Louboutin and 212Box Architecture and several others listed on our clients page.

We work with designers that serve retail stores and high end residences in USA and Canada. The greatest majority of our client base is in New York, Texas, Florida and Ontario.

Sonoma Custom Millwork uses the latest high tech equipments in our Toronto location with several knowledgeable employees.